Bhargavi Kodali

Bhargavi Kodali, VP Solutions

Bhargavi Kodali is a results-focused technologist obsessed with delivering innovation-first solutions to the biggest challenges facing National Security. As the Vice President of Technology Solutions for NT Concepts, Bhargavi leads company efforts to continuously improve and automate capabilities to deliver incremental growth for our people, our partners, and our company.

As champion of NEXT Labs, our IRAD platform, Bhargavi combines our commercial partnerships with domain and technical capabilities to create a culture of innovation, exploration, and agile thinking. Labs is our proving ground is where our delivery teams define “what’s next” by streamlining and maturing processes, prototyping, integrating, and operationalizing solutions leveraging the newest commercial and open-source technologies.

Bhargavi is a builder of highly collaborative, cross-functional teams, and perfectly balances innovation with expert client delivery. She believe great ideas can come from anyone and creates environments of continuous learning and collaboration where people can freely explore, cross-train, and grow professionally.

Why do you do what you do?

I love using technology and data to address important client problems and challenges. But my true purpose is building “people power.” I lead with empathy and enjoy mentoring employees across the entire NT Concepts’ organization, giving them opportunities to really shine. Creating these authentic, trusting relationships has a long-lasting impact and helps everyone grow and thrive within the company.

How do our core values inspire you?

Journey Together: Teamwork is the secret behind every successful effort. Getting good players is different from getting them to play together and truly communicate for success. It’s only when diverse groups of employees journey together and share their strengths that an organization can grow. With this core value, we improve employee morale and build a sense of inclusivity, belonging, and community.

Ask Me About:

  • Scalable Software Solutions
  • Agile DevSecOps
  • Mentoring & Team Building
  • Software Engineering Standards and Best Practices
  • Professional Development
  • Employee Engagement
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