Mark A. Cabrey

Mark Cabrey, SVP & CFO

Mark Cabrey is a proven leader in finance and operations. From strategic vision to hands-on execution, Mark’s extensive experience grounds his leadership style, empowering teams to exceed goals and deliver unmatched value to clients and the enterprise.

A 30-year veteran in the federal information services industry, Mark believes that unified, highly-aligned teams are an invaluable asset to an organization. He focuses on hiring, inspiring, and retaining the best talent to push the boundaries of What’s Next at NT Concepts.

Why do you do what you do?

Helping organizations reach the next level is my passion, and getting there is a team effort. It all comes down to finding the right people. When you bring together great people and empower them to truly exercise their expertise, even the toughest obstacles can be overcome.

My goal as a leader is to build strong relationships based on trust, open communication, alignment, and accountability. By consciously and collectively working towards the organization’s success, we’re able to reach new heights and achieve more.

How do our core values inspire you?

The core values that we share at NT Concepts guide me both professionally and personally.

Be Truly Candid: Open, honest conversations are essential to make true connections with people, whether they are colleagues, clients, or others in your life.

Embrace Variety: People bring a range of experiences to teams. Welcoming this diversity builds trust and provides unique perspectives for problem-solving.

Support Each Other: Working towards any goal is going to have its shares of opportunities and obstacles. By being empathetic and recognizing the needs of others, the individual benefits, the team benefits, and, ultimately, the organization benefits.

Exceed Expectations: I don’t want to be average. I always strive for the next horizon. I bring this value to my leadership style by working with and inspiring those around me to be accountable and dedicated to going the extra mile.

Ask Me About:

  • Coaching Approach
  • Finance and Operations Management
  • Team Building
  • Talent Development
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