NT Concepts Appoints Dave Garvie to Lead Intelligence Portfolio 

Results-focused executive to deliver interoperable and innovative solutions at scale
David Garvie, VP Intelligence

Vienna, VA: NT Concepts, a leading provider of data and technology solutions for National Security, today announced the appointment of Dave Garvie as Vice President of Intelligence. With over two decades of specialized experience working in complex mission environments, Garvie embodies the innovative spirit and customer delivery excellence that NT Concepts stands for.

Garvie specializes in high-stakes intelligence work where finding the “needle in a stack of needles” is not just a metaphor—but a mission. In his new role, Garvie works closely with Intelligence Community (IC) customers to develop AI/ML, data, and digital solutions that meet their unique, dynamic needs. He is also responsible for identifying long-term growth opportunities, driving business development initiatives, and managing P&L accounts within the IC.

Dan Maguire, NT Concepts' CEO, remarked: "We are thrilled to welcome Dave to our leadership team. His hands-on leadership approach and intimate understanding of the operational and information needs within the IC make him the ideal choice to elevate our capabilities and deliver the innovative solutions needed to protect critical national security interests."

An engineer at heart with a keenness for continuous process improvement, Garvie’s career is marked by his commitment to building high-performance teams and integrating state-of-the-art technology to solve hard problems. His data-driven mindset ensures that financial and performance metrics are at the forefront of the decision-making process, guaranteeing the delivery of exceptional value to customers.

"In today's fast-paced world, the ability to quickly transform complex data into actionable intelligence is paramount," said Garvie. "My commitment is to harness the power of people, technology, and innovation to equip the IC with the strategies and tools needed for informed decisions and actionable insight. I look forward to leading our talented teams to new successes, fostering innovation, and continuing to provide our IC customers with the unparalleled value they have come to expect from NT Concepts."


About NT Concepts

NT Concepts is a data-driven technology innovator solving the most complex challenges in National Security. Our scalable, enterprise solutions are informed by mission experts, backed by world-class data scientists, fueled by advanced analytics and machine learning, and built by certified Agile DevSecOps teams.

Using our integrated NEXTOps℠ delivery approach and powered by NT StudioDX℠, we help our customers empower their data, modernize and automate operational pipelines, and accelerate critical decision-making for maximum mission impact. Connect with us on our website or LinkedIn.

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