Data Management

We make data discoverable. accessible. intelligible. accurate. mission ready.

Data is your most important asset. As your data grows exponentially in volume, scope, and complexity, you need smart, secure, and automated ways to capture and exploit your information to drive strategic value and inform critical decision making.

We have expertise in everything data—data sets, data transformation and readiness, data storage, data security, and data pipelines for situational awareness, actionable intelligence, and decision support speed for enhanced mission readiness.

We use our NT Playbook and NT StudioDX to get you to the solution, faster.

Our data domain expertise:

Electro-Optical Sensor (EO)
Ground Imagery
Natural Language
Network Traffic
Personnel and PII
Radio Frequency (RF)
Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
Wide-area Motion Imagery (WAMI)

Customer success. Delivered.

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Massive data collection & visualization platform

To advance the capability of their analysts, targeters, and deployed personnel, the customer needed to perform the scalable global collection, processing, and dissemination of street-level panoramic imagery.

We developed an on-premise enterprise solution using GCP that enables over 4.6K unique users to query (~10M yearly) a global library of street-level data, define a collection tasking, and coordinate the data-gathering exercise through a robust end-client viewer.

100TB +

Architecture ingests over 100 terabytes of data


Geographic areas of interest


panoramic scenes and over 12 billion image tiles

Program highlights

Data Engineering Cloud Solutions Cyber Operations Software Development

Rapid prototype transitioned to a customized enterprise-level managed system delivering a unique capability within a classified domain

Highly scalable architecture built in GCP that ingests in excess of 100 terabytes of data

Automatic ETL and bespoke virus scanning solution for low to high transportation of air-gapped data into big data environment

API to expose the data and integrate to multiple enterprise applications

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