Teamwork is key to our success.

Our teams are hard-working, diverse, talented, and dedicated to solving our customers’ critical missions with innovation and expertise. As obsessive problem-solvers, we see teamwork and collaboration as key to our shared success.

Collaboration leads to innovation.
Everyone wants to see you grow and succeed.
I can walk into any office and say, "I want to learn more."

Our core values are more than words on a wall.

Support Each Other

We use our talents and resources to make a difference in our company and our community because everyone benefits from giving.

Journey Together

We combine our skills and experiences to build the best quality solutions because collaboration benefits everyone.

Welcome Entrepreneurs

We know that growth is about taking calculated risks, so we encourage everyone to bring forth their best ideas, opportunities, and efforts every day.

Exceed Expectations

Through team work and innovation, we deliver exceptional service because our customers’ missions are critical.

Be Truly Candid

We speak and act with integrity because everyone deserves the truth.

Inspire Growth

We foster an environment of continuous balanced feedback and people development because everyone has something to teach and something to learn.

Embrace Variety

We respect differences because everyone has unique contributions to make.

Remember, Fun Works!

We work hard in an engaging environment where creativity runs wild because the best solutions come from the lighthearted.

We believe together is better.

Diversity and inclusion drive innovation, and when we work together, we can accomplish anything.

Our teams are composed of talented people from different backgrounds, skills, and perspectives to create truly unique and groundbreaking solutions for our customers.

Diversity creates stronger teams.
The best solutions don't come from verticals.
We take action on diversity.

Diversity in numbers

0 %
of our managers are from historically underserved populations
0 %
of our professionals are from historically underserved populations
0 %
of our managers identify as female

We're always looking for the next great IDEA.

We actively foster inclusion, diversity, equity, and advancement through our IDEA Council, an employee-led program designed to create a safe environment for everyone to share ideas and ask questions about a variety of topics. 

The Council provides programs and initiatives to employees to celebrate and continuously improve DEI at NT Concepts.



We celebrate, support, and thrive on differences for the benefit of our employees, customers, and community.



We recognize diversity is critical/beneficial for the organization to succeed and know that it strengthens our organization and the individuals within it.



We ensure each employee has the appropriate resources and support needed to succeed because we know people are the heart of our business.



We understand that inclusivity, diversity, and equity cannot be separate principles but that they must go hand in hand as the foundation that we stand on.