Proven solution delivery

Our NEXTOps℠ framework is our proven agile solution delivery that drives collaboration, automation, data management, security, software development, data science, deployment, and operations for mission readiness and decision advantage.


Our NEXTOps approach enables flexibility & innovation to apply the technology needed to support the mission.


Supports the beginning-to-end orchestration of data, process, security, tools, code, environments, and teams


Streamlines, automates, and modernizes development environments conducive to microservices and cloud-ready architectures


Enables our agile teams to continuously deliver software, data pipelines, and AI/ML functionality in any environment


Delivers plug-and-play, cross-functional development and deployment support

Start with our DevSecOps playbook & software factory toolkit

Our DevSecOps playbook provides the infrastructure, development environment, tools, centralized repositories, XOps, CI/CD, APIs, data analytics, and ML workflows/models needed to build and deploy secure software quickly and efficiently.



We integrate language-specific build tools into our CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins commit triggers or GitLab runners. Our DevSecOps Engineers configure and tune build tools for Python packages, Java JAR packages, and .Net Core apps (to name a few). 

When combined with automated testing and iterative, incremental code delivery, the CI/CD pipelines enable cybersecurity agility and integrity through security audits and vulnerability assessments that can be performed quickly and effectively while staying compliant to maintain continuous Authority-to-Operate (cATO).

  • Data Identification: What data contain relevant info?
  • Schema Discovery: Is there an existing schema?
  • Frequency: When is the data needed?
  • Access: How is the data accessed?
  • Schema: Target schema identification
  • Ingest: ETL, ELT, wrangling
  • Quality: Is the data model comprehensive, complete, and accurate?
  • Storage: Data Lake
  • Governance: Data tracking and logging
  • Delivery: MLOps Post-processing
  • Access: API endpoints for query, analytics, and visualization

Get data ready & automate with DataOps.

Data is the foundational element of advanced analytics, such as machine learning. Our DataOps pipeline iteratively enhances data quality, literacy, and governance.

DataOps creates an automated and continuous trusted data flow for DevSecOps and MLOps ingestion and use. As a result, government stakeholders, data stewards, and users work closely with DevSecOps engineers to build data pre-processing and storage architectures that readily support retrieval, visualization, analytics, and broader use across mission enterprise applications.

Operationalize your AI products with MLOps.

MLOps leverages DevSecOps and DataOps processes at every step: consuming the data, pre-processing, model training, and serving pipelines. With MLOps, model development is iteratively run and output continuously flows through the DevSecOps process for consistent deployments and maintenance.

Our MLOps teams follow best practices, including containerize-first, vertical, and horizontal scaling using GPUs, model source control, automation, and standardized development and consistent deployment environments to deliver and maintain scalable software-based AI/ML solutions.

What problem are trying to solve, what data are available to solve it, and what are the candidate approaches?
  • Project Discovery
  • Data Discovery
  • Feasibility Study
  • Candidate Model Selection
  • Data Ops Preprocessing Pipeline
➜ Theoretical Framework/Model
Model Development
Model Development
Environment preparation, hyper-parameter tuning, testing, validation iterations.
  • Feature Engineering
  • Model Training & Tuning
  • Model Evaluation & Validation
  • DataOps Prediction Pipeline
➜ Minimum Viable Model
Insert model into production, visualize results, create APIs and endpoints for access.
  • Inference
  • DataOps Post-processing
  • Visualization & Deployment
➜ Deployment Model

NEXTOps℠ is part of our NT Playbook, which guarantees Expertise as a Service.

The right people, practices & tools integrated into your teams & environment
Provides a common lexicon so that everyone speaks the same language
Breaks down team silos & integrates outliers
Creates a culture of innovation, communication & transparency
NT Experts
  • Scalable cross-functional teams of cleared SMEs, Scrum Masters, data engineers & scientists, ML engineers, DevSecOps engineers, software developers & analysts
  • Data scientists trained to integrate with DevSecOps teams to write effective code (or partner with a programmer to learn)
  • Certified, cleared, right-sized teams to optimize delivery velocity & capacity
  • Agile practices orchestrate teams for frictionless DevSecOps, DataOps & MLOps
  • Unique Scrum + Kanban approach that works for BOTH developers & data scientists to synch delivery velocity in larger teams
  • Continuous improvement & automation-driven approach
    Methods & tools to help satisfy ethical AI requirements
  • Rapid prototyping approach that shortens the idea to execution gap
  • Leveraging our NextOps, enables MVM/P/CR delivery in less than 6 months*
  • Design thinking principles integrated to elicit stakeholder feedback early & iteratively


NT StudioDX

A portable, scalable platform of 100% open-source tools and services to rapidly prototype and deploy software, analytic, and ML products—anywhere, with any type of data.

100% open source. Infrastructure agnostic. Built for classified networks. Vendor agnostic. Containerized & portable. Edge deployable.