Proven solution delivery

Our NEXTOps℠ framework is our proven agile solution delivery that drives collaboration, automation, data management, security, software development, data science, deployment, and operations for mission readiness and decision advantage.


Our NEXTOps approach enables flexibility & innovation to apply the technology needed to support the mission.


Supports the beginning-to-end orchestration of data, process, security, tools, code, environments, and teams


Streamlines, automates, and modernizes development environments conducive to microservices and cloud-ready architectures


Enables our agile teams to continuously deliver software, data pipelines, and AI/ML functionality in any environment


Delivers plug-and-play, cross-functional development and deployment support

Start with our DevSecOps playbook & software factory toolkit

Our DevSecOps playbook provides the infrastructure, development environment, tools, centralized repositories, XOps, CI/CD, APIs, data analytics, and ML workflows/models needed to build and deploy secure software quickly and efficiently.