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We operationalize AI/ML on prem. on bare metal. at the edge. where others can't.

We build mission-ready AI/ML products that meet rapidly evolving defense and intelligence needs. What sets us apart? Our speed to operation powered by our Expertise as a Service deploying our NT StudioDX in dynamic environments.

Our teams specialize in AI/ML using mission-specific data.

Our data science practice brings open-source and commercial technologies to your mission data sets so you can get to the solution, faster.

Gain increased strategic & tactical advantage.

Our data science expertise

Computer Vision
Automated Target Recognition
Edge Computing
GraphML &
Link Prediction
Motion Tracking
Natural Language
Network Endpoint Pattern Recognition
Predictive Maintenance
Signal Data Anomaly Detection
Signal Data Pattern Recognition
Synthetic Data
Testing & Evaluation

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Link prediction for superior intelligence

In order to ingest and fuse intelligence information from multiple data sources (GEOINT/HUMINT) for target systems analyses, the DIA needed to replace their existing legacy MIDB with a highly scalable, cloud-based Machine-Assisted Analytic Rapid-Repository System (MARS).

Our COTS architecture provides users the ability to create information dynamically and collaboratively in a multi-use (tactical, analytical, operational, and strategic) environment and support views/models of data in formats at a speed, scale, and capability that moves at the pace of real-world intelligence analysis and operations.


of data streams processed per day





Program highlights

Rapid Prototyping AI/ML & Analytics Data Engineering

Prototyped a low-cost, open-source and extensible COTS architecture that facilitates the intake, fusion, storage, rapid query, and ML analysis of large quantities of data in various formats

The prototype can handle billions of graph entities for storage, query, and advanced analytics—more representative of real-world because they store data in the form of relationships

Developed link prediction algorithms using Graph Analytics and Graph ML for temporal, geographic, and contextual relationship prediction between infrastructure, human actors, human events, and geolocation events

Built the requisite data pre-processing, analytic, and prediction pipelines into the enterprise-scale architecture

Turn complex data into actionable insight.

We’re looking for talented and experienced data scientists to join our team and help us build the next generation of products and services for National Security.

Data Scientist
Tampa, FL
Database Developer
Vienna, VA

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June 29, 2023
September 27, 2021
By Jacob Unterman and Addison Wittkamp