NT StudioDX

Discover your end-to-end data experience platform.

Data is the challenge.

Many organizations struggle to produce quality data products. NT StudioDX is a portable, modular, scalable platform of 100% open-source tools and services to rapidly prototype and deploy software, analytic, and ML products—anywhere, with any type of data.

Typical state of data
Siloed data & data products across organizations
Lack of right expertise to produce data products
Vendor lock-in & platform licensing costs
Lack of quality data & data pipelines for advanced analytics & ML
Lack of processes, accredited tools & analytic platforms
Operationalizing models & maintaining them in production
Authority to Operate (ATO) speed
Integration into unique security & operational environments

NT StudioDX is the solution.

NT StudioDX is a data and development platform as a service that includes the experience, services, capabilities and resources to operationalize your data.

Use NT StudioDX’s Plug & Play Modules for data operations, rapid software development, AI/ML experimentation and production—whatever your data readiness level demands.

Plug & Play Modules

NT DataServ

Ready your data with DataOps

Scalable data management as a service & API query services for data readiness, workflows & pipelines

NT Workshop

Do Lab-to-Factory experimentation

Repo of modular components for experimentation, rapid prototyping & workflow management of apps, analytics & ML products 

NT Automate

Get up and running quickly

IaC & CaC to integrate & automate open-source & commercial tools for DataOps, DevSecOps, MLOps, testing, CI/CD & security

NT Deploy

Operationalize anywhere

Low-to-high deployment on-premise, in the cloud, or at the edge/on bare metal

Build & scale. Anywhere. With no licensing fees.

Our expert teams integrate NT StudioDX into your unique environment & work with you to unlock new value from your data.

Purpose-built for operational teams.

With its modular open-source architecture, NT StudioDX was designed to easily integrate into any environment and work with any type of data or tools to rapidly deliver information advantage at the speed of mission relevance.

Bring your own data

CONNECT to your own data stores & pipelines. StudioDX works with any data type or schema.

Use your preferred tech stack

BRING your own software tools—no need to change what your teams use now.

Build your unique environment

CUSTOMIZE your project space & data pipelines or use our pipelines & ML algorithms & models from the NT StudioDX Factory.

Increase mission speed

INTEGRATE data science into your operations for greater data exploitation and shorten the time-to-innovation gap.

Field-tested for rapid prototyping.

NT StudioDX rapidly delivers advanced data & analytic capabilities for increased strategic & tactical advantage for information warfare in the modern age.

Applied analytics & ML use cases

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