Dave Garvie

David Garvie, VP Intelligence

Dave Garvie champions NT Concepts’ Intelligence Portfolio to deliver informed, results-focused solutions at mission speed. A seasoned technology and operations executive with a strong engineering and process improvement background, Dave brings over twenty years of experience helping the Intelligence Community discover the “needle in a stack of needles” by leveraging novel technical strategies to prosecute data, effectively navigating complexity and identifying the most critical information.

With a hands-on leadership style, Dave excels at building high-performance teams and using state-of-the-art technology to protect national security. As a data-driven professional, he leverages financial and performance metrics to make informed decisions and deliver exceptional value to our customers.

Why do you do what you do?

I believe in the power of communication and compromise to build constituencies and promote cooperation. The strongest teams are humble and service oriented.

I am inspired and energized by the challenge of bringing diverse people and perspectives together to solve hard problems critical to national security. I’ve found there are almost infinite ways to solve problems and achieve results, and I enjoy it when my team comes with new and fresh ideas, new approaches, and different avenues to achieve results together.

How do our core values inspire you?

Be Truly Candid – Radical candor is a powerful skill for organizations to master. It requires the humility to own up to mistakes and enables innovative approaches to course correction. A commitment to learning and growing requires candid communication with our teams and our customers.

Embrace Variety – The diffusion of knowledge and skills throughout diverse teams and communities is the single greatest advantage any organization can leverage. Whether in our company, our neighborhood, or our nation, none of us is as capable as all of us!

Ask Me About:

  • Leadership
  • Financial Management
  • Team Building
  • IaaS, DevOps, Linux
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