USSF Space Systems Command IDIQ

The DSS IDIQ is a multiple-award contract designed to enhance innovation and improve the quality of data software services provided to the Space Force and its customers.
Contract Details
Contract Number
Performance Period
1 April 2023 – 31 March 2028
Available to
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Under the Space Systems Command (SSC) IDIQ, the NT Concepts team will provide support and services for software development, data engineering, data analytics, and other related activities to enable the Space Force to efficiently and effectively operate its space-based assets, networks and capabilities. 

The NT Concepts' SSC Team

Under the contract, the NT Concepts SSC Team delivers a full range of data software services:

  • A commercial Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform
  • Data storage solutions
  • Data management solutions
  • Data products
  • Advanced analytics

NT Concepts aligned leading companies from across the Federal market, bringing a strong and agile offering of expert software development, integration,, training, and operations support services to all task areas of Space Force.

Current subcontractors include:

  • Mark Logic (a Progress Company)
  • IT Availability
  • Key Cyber Solutions
  • RedCanyon (a DDC Company)