The five-year CDAO Data Readiness for Artificial Intelligence Development (DRAID) BOA allows the acquisition, development, and integration of commercial Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and services in support of the Department of Defense (DoD) AI test and evaluation objectives.
Contract Details
Contract Number
Basic Ordering Agreement
Performance Period
14 Jan 2021 – 14 Jan 2026
Available to
Department of Defense (DoD) & DoD Components
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Under the contract, the NT Concepts delivers a full range of IT support services:

  • Project and Program Management
  • Data Science
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Acquisition and Curation
  • Data Quality and Analysis
  • Synthetic Data Generation and Data Anonymization
  • Software Development, Modification, and Configuration
  • Enterprise Information Management and Governance
  • Cloud Integration and Alignment

The following Tasks are outlined in the DRAID BOA Performance Work Statement:

  1. Task 1: Project Management and Documentation
  2. Task 2: Software Configuration
  3. Task 3: Cloud Integration
  4. Task 4: Department of Defense AI Ethical Principles
  5. Task 5: Data Ingestion, Integration, Architecture, and ETL
  6. Task 6: Data Accessibility and APIs
  7. Task 7: Enterprise Information and Metadata Management
  8. Task 8: Data Quality, Feature Engineering, and NLP
  9. Task 9: Synthetic Data
  10. Task 10: Data Anonymization
  11. Task 11: Data Labelling
  12. Task 12: AI Security
  13. Task 13: Data Science and AI Outreach and Innovative Development Mechanisms

NT Concepts DRAID BOA Manager: Tucker Newberry, Director, Business Development (use contact form)

Government Contracting Officer: Stephanie Wilson (stephanie dot wilson35 dot civ at army dot mil)