We are NT Concepts. NT stands for Next Tier, and represents CEO and founder Michele Bolos’ guiding principles: stay in front of the digital edge with innovation and high value delivery, and never compromise on exceptional customer service.​

For two decades, we’ve been building on her story. We’ve faced incredible challenges and monumental victories. We’ve shifted when we needed to shift, and scaled our capabilities to meet the demanding needs of our customer missions. We’ve built long-lasting partnerships of mutual respect and trust. We worked hard, learned a lot, and are incredibly proud of our legacy of success.​

Today, we emerge as a leading National Security solution provider. While our company has evolved, our original intent has not. We still have the heart of an agile tech start-up, but with the experience, stability, and performance of a GovCon veteran.

Our talented leadership and teams stand ready to solve the hard problems of today, and use expertise and next-generation technology to anticipate and answer the challenges of tomorrow. We are Powered by Next.


Powered by Next is our culture of service, innovation, and trust. It is our Why. It is exponential, and represents our commitment to the future of the company, each other, our customers, and our global communities. Driven by our core values, the statement represents our commitment to do great things, deliver more value, advance the mission, stand in the future, and always answer What’s Next.

OUR COMPANY: NT Concepts is a platform for good, and we challenge ourselves to accelerate and expand our capacity to serve our Nation and each other.

OUR EMPLOYEES: Guided by our Core Values, we work hard to develop ourselves and inspire each other as we grow and evolve our talents and careers.

OUR CUSTOMERS: We instill new dimensions of mutual respect and trust by anticipating their needs and going beyond what’s expected.

OUR COMMUNITY: We donate our time, talents, and energy to support each other and the world and continuously seek new opportunities to serve with gratitude and humility.

WHAT’S NEXT? / We aspire to go beyond the expected and push the boundaries of innovation. What’s Next keeps us curious, and drives us to explore and learn about new ideas and technology. It impels us to always be improving, always be moving forward. It is our shared future of success—for our clients, our partners, and our employees.