VIENNA, VA — NT Concepts employees, friends, and family packaged and donated 101,084 meals in 2021, surpassing their first-year goal of 100,000 meals donated as part of the company’s Million Meals Challenge (MMC), an #NTC_GivesBack initiative created to solve food insecurity and hunger in local and global communities.

The MMC consists of two components: team-based Flash Pack events with partners the Outreach Program and Generosity Feeds, and individual donations made to food banks, churches, and hunger relief-based organizations such as Feeding America.

“Flash Packs are integral to our program because people can work together to quickly and easily create up to 15,000 meals in under two hours. After our first event in early 2021, we realized that we had a low-cost formula for repeatable success,” said senior software engineer Mikeala Goldrich, who champions the MMC.

“And then we just thought about how amazing it would be to pack a MILLION meals. So, we set the bar higher, and just started to build out what our company needed to do to achieve that.”

The challenge is not just limited to the NT Concepts community, either. Goldrich envisions a network of people inspired to join in and be a part of addressing global hunger.

Boxes of food stacked neatly in a delivery van

“There are three main goals that we established for the MMC. The first is obviously to feed people in need,” said Goldrich. “But also, it’s to inspire our employees to get involved. Seeing all those meals stacked up is impactful and gets people excited about the challenge. Most importantly, it’s to connect other organizations within our professional and personal networks and encourage more people to join our cause.”

NT Concepts is wasting no time trying to beat their 2021 numbers. The company packed 10,000 meals in January and has quarterly Flash Packs planned in both Virginia and Pennsylvania to help them reach their goals. Goldrich is hopeful that individual donations to relief organizations and budding partnerships with other companies joining in the Flash Pack challenges will put NT Concepts well over 100,000 meals year end totals and significantly grow the MMC community by the end of 2022.

If you or your organization is interested in hosting a Flash Pack and joining our Million Meals Challenge, please contact us for more information!

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