Intelligence and Defense communities to receive continued support from innovative government services company for map and 3D globe visualization.

Google’s announcement regarding the open-sourcing of the Google Earth Enterprise (GEE) platform in March 2017 comes as welcome news for many agencies working in the defense or intelligence communities, who were expecting total product deprecation and loss of support in that same timeframe.

For more than 10 years, NT Concepts has delivered advanced geospatial solutions to the intelligence and defense communities, developing and deploying numerous specialized intelligence and mission support applications on the GEE platform.

“NT Concepts is aligning our technical, marketing, and business development resources to support this initiative as soon as it comes online. We will help our customers accelerate innovation for their mission-critical applications running on the GEE platform for day-to-day operations and situational awareness,” said Chris Powell, Chief Technology Officer.

In addition to the distinction of being named the first Google Earth Enterprise Partner in 2006, NT Concepts has won several awards for the integration, deployment, and support of the GEE platform.

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