We are TALENTED, DIVERSE, AND HARD WORKING. We are united in our commitment to using innovation and expertise to help our clients solve their most critical challenges in National Security.

We’re leaders and problem solvers who roll up our sleeves to get the job done. We’re passionate, curious, driven, and committed to doing work that exceeds expectations. We’re constant learners, avid mentors, and we like to have fun. We’re also super committed to Giving Back to our communities. Won’t you join us?


Discover our people and the work they do solving the most critical challenges in National Security.


[At NT Concepts] I have the freedom to approach problems in my own way, the resources to get the job done, and the right people to help me along the way. My job involves leveraging data and artificial intelligence to solve hard problems in the geospatial and defense communities.

My motivation to get up every morning is simply knowing that I get to work on something cutting edge, and having the confidence that I can change the world. NT Concepts has given me that confidence.

ZACH S. Data Scientist


Support Each Other

We use our talents and resources to make a difference in our company and our community because everyone benefits from giving.

Journey Together

We combine our skills and experiences to build the best quality solutions because collaboration benefits everyone.

Welcome Entrepreneurs

We know that growth is about taking calculated risks, so we encourage everyone to bring forth their best ideas, opportunities, and efforts every day.

Exceed Expectations

Through team work and innovation, we deliver exceptional service because our customers’ missions are critical.

Be Truly Candid

We speak and act with integrity because everyone deserves the truth.

Inspire Growth

We foster an environment of continuous balanced feedback and people development because everyone has something to teach and something to learn.

Embrace Variety

We respect differences because everyone has unique contributions to make.

Remember, Fun Works!

We work hard in an engaging environment where creativity runs wild because the best solutions come from the lighthearted.


At NT Concepts I support the client mission and decisions through Business Intelligence Solutions, SQL, and Python Automation. I enjoy working at NT Concepts because I can improve upon and challenge the conventional wisdom in an open, supportive, and creative atmosphere!

I come to work for the people. For the relationships. For the lives that are impacted by the work we do. Our day-to-day tasks have so much of an impact on people we never even directly meet. My team and I are in the business of supporting DoD employees to enable them to be successful in their mission.

David A. IT Operations Analyst


As part of our Core Values, our commitment to support each other extends to our world community, where we deliver the same passion and performance through volunteer activities and philanthropic contribution.


If meaningful work, initiative, creativity, and continuous self-improvement are important to your career, join our talent network and discover What’s Next for you.