Michele Bolos, Founder and CEO

Michele Bolos

Founder, Executive Chair, NT Concepts

Michele Bolos is the founder and previous CEO of NT Concepts. Her strong technical background directs NT Concepts’ continuous advancements in the areas of innovative technologies and solutions. Under her leadership, the organization continually exceeds expectations and creates meaningful customer experiences. Michele is committed to fostering a service-inspired community by empowering employees to pursue their passion in service initiatives.

Philip Chase

Philip R. Chase

Co-founder, John Marshall Bank

Philip R. Chase has over 25 years of leadership experience in finance and government contracting. During his tenure as NT Concepts’ CFO, Philip had a tremendous impact on the organization, helping it expand from its roots as a boutique firm to a thriving mid-tier company. His insight and guidance for delivering value internally and externally to clients continue to inform and drive the strategic direction of the organization.

Chris Cusano

CEO, Blue Triangle Consulting

Chris Cusano, a proven leader in government contracting and strategic planning, served over 15 years in executive roles at NT Concepts. This, coupled with 32 years of military and industry experience, informs his unique, vital perspectives as a Partner, Board member, and mentor. His engineering mindset, deep contracting knowledge, and broad industry engagement are essential in guiding decisions, navigating challenges, and developing plans for NT Concepts’ sustained growth and success.

Evelyn DePalma

Evelyn DePalma

DoD/DISA and Federal Procurement Consultant

Evelyn DePalma is an expert in the federal procurement process, serving as a procurement director for more than 30 years. She is certified in Contract Management and Program Management Level 3. Evelyn’s insight is key as NT Concepts continues to cultivate, nurture, and strengthen strong relationships with government agencies through the procurement process.

Sid Fuchs

Sidney E. Fuchs

Independent Board Director, CEO, Advisor

Sid Fuchs has more than 30 years of executive leadership experience as a CEO building, transforming, and transacting technology and solutions companies. He draws on his expertise in the aerospace, defense, intelligence, and commercial markets to help NT Concepts extend its portfolio in the public and private sectors.

Joanne Isham

Joanne Isham

President, Isham Associates, LLC.

Joanne Isham is an experienced and results-driven executive noted for her leadership skills, strategic acumen, systems approach, and operational success. A tenured intelligence community professional, Joanne has held executive positions at CIA, NGA, NRO, and DoD prior to joining the private sector as a general manager, COO. Her deep understanding of the national security community is invaluable for guiding NT Concepts’ strategic vision and leadership in security solutions.

Marc Marlin

Marc Marlin

Managing Director, KippsDeSanto & Co
Technology Solutions Practice Leader

Marc Marlin has more than two decades of global finance and investment banking experience. For the past 15 years, he has been an M&A advisor for aerospace, defense, government, and technology companies. Marc’s M&A expertise and entrepreneurial experience position him to assess NT Concepts’ capacity to strengthen its overall strategy and holistic growth.