Chris Gros

Chris Gros, VP Talent

Chris Gros is NT Concepts’ talent maker. With an infectious leadership style that inspires innovation and action, he continuously improves our approach to professional development by challenging our status quo: how we listen, how we learn, and how we problem-solve together.

An avid proponent of internal career advancement, he spearheads our learning and development journey—from hands-on internship programs to executive training. One-part executive, one-part educator, and one-part change agent, Chris drives our corporate growth at every level by influencing the influencers and building highly networked, agile teams that aren’t afraid to take risks.

Chris has 25 years of experience developing people and leading teams, including 20 years of service with the Marines and multiple tours in Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. A life-long learner, Chris is an adjunct professor of literature and writing at Northern Virginia Community College, holds a bachelor’s degree in history from the Virginia Military Institute, and a master’s degree in literature from Northwestern University.

Why do you do what you do?

I’m passionate about building strong teams and developing talent. Regardless of the job or environment, I’ve found that most people want the same three opportunities: 1) to contribute meaningfully to a mission, 2) to grow personally and professionally, and 3) to be part of a positive work environment. NT Concepts works hard to ensure that we provide all of these to our employees.

Our talent team focuses on the company’s number one resource—our people. We like to say that we “grow our own.” When someone joins NT Concepts, they know we are 100% committed to helping them develop personally and professionally. Our Talent Next program offers employees excellent opportunities to enhance their capabilities, gain certifications, and build leadership skills. We’re here to launch our employees and help them be successful in all their endeavors.

Combined with industry-leading compensation and rewards, these investments translate into increased job satisfaction and a retention rate higher than the market average—all of which help fuel our rapid growth and shared success.

How do our core values inspire you?

Throughout my entire career, I have aligned myself with organizations that share my core values, and at NT Concepts, we live by ours.

Embrace Variety: Solutions are never “one size fits all.” In the same sense, each of our employees has a unique contribution to make. The diverse cultures, backgrounds, and skillsets that comprise our workforce mean that we never apply a cookie-cutter approach to any of our clients’ critical mission needs.

Support Each Other: On our personal and professional journeys, our people lend support to one another and to our local and global communities. One of the ways we do this is through our shared dedication to charitable causes and service through #NTC_GivesBack.

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  • Team Building
  • Driving Change
  • Professional Development
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  • Diversity
  • Strategic Communications

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