Accelerate the delivery of AI/ML and advanced analytics

Our portable data science environment (PDSE) enables agencies with sensitive and specialized missions to deploy a containerized data management as a service that feeds a rapid prototyping Lab-to-Factory service to support data science and machine learning experimentation and software production.

PDSE provides a management system to support analytic and machine learning workflow production and deployment into a classified or unclassified cloud of choice, or into a customer-provided infrastructure.

Diagram of our Portable Data Science Environment

Intelligence you need—on premise, in the cloud, or at the tactical edge.


  • Ground Imagery
  • Overhead Imagery
  • Natural Language
  • Network Traffic
  • Personnel and PII​
  • RF
  • SAR
  • Sensor
  • Synthetic Data
  • WAMI


  • Computer Vision​ & ATR
  • Edge Computing
  • GraphML Analytics
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Motion Tracking in WAMI
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Network Endpoint Pattern Recognition
  • Pattern-of-life Analytics
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Signal Data Anomaly Detection
  • Signal Data Pattern Recognition

PDSE runs anywhere the mission demands it

open source icon

100% open-source
tools & technologies

portable icon

Low to high portability

icon data flow

Enables transparency
& streamlines data flow

icon cloud

Cloud platform
agnostic & hybrid

icon automation

with IaC & CaC

icon integration

Easily integrates into
customer environments

icon speed

Speed to ATO
for Lab to Factory

icon microservices

Flexible & reusable

bandaid icon

Self-healing system

icon compute

Compute & storage
cost management


Easily maintained &
cost effective

icon integration

Commercial tools
& services integration

Want to learn more?

If you’re looking for a simple yet innovative solution for a portable intelligence environment that enables data management and rapid data science prototyping, reach out to us.