As agencies shift to modern systems, platforms, and processes, they are challenged with the very real risk of unraveling the complex touchpoints in their operations.

We work closely with clients to build holistic solutions that solve the unsolvable business challenges, drastically cut costs, and maximize operational efficiency. An IT company at our very core, we use technology to automate and streamline operations for new dimensions of trust in your people, your data, your tools, and your processes.

No matter where you are in your digital transformation, our expert teams will work side-by-side with you to ensure change is seamlessly absorbed into your operations. We solve the problems of today, and use innovation and technology to help you stand in the future so you’re ready for What’s Next.

  • Background Investigation Services
  • Business Analysis
  • Business and Staff Management
  • BPR / BPO
  • Continuous Evaluation
  • Cyber Security
  • Enterprise IT Support Services
  • O&M / Help Desk
  • Personnel Security (PERSEC)
  • Recruiting and Training @ Scale
  • Security Case Management
  • Workflow Automation Platforms

Case Study

Investigative Services Support

More than 100 Federal agencies rely on the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to help build a world-class workforce worthy of public trust. To achieve this, OPM performs more than two million background investigations every year, directly impacting the continued employment of Federal employees, military members, and contractors supporting every aspect of Government. To be successful, OPM must efficiently process and secure large, variable volumes of sensitive data and maintain hundreds of thousands of hardcopy case files while preventing any loss of materials or PII.

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Experienced Staff

We deliver the leadership, cleared staff, technology, and processes to run and maintain complex government business operations at top performance and scale. We understand the requirements, own the challenges, communicate openly, and deliver high value services and solutions that help our clients accomplish their missions better, faster, and with less cost.


We are CMMI V2-appraised for development and share a common, integrated vision of continuous improvement so we can provide our customers greater functionality and higher quality, in less time, with fewer resources, and in a predictable manner.


The NTC Integrated Continuous Process Improvement (iCPI) combines the most effective attributes of agile development with process management expertise and the discipline of CMMI and Six Sigma. Our standardized methodology is supported by metrics-driven testing and assessment that delivers rapid ideation to operations and repeatable, remarkable results.


The NTC Integrated Program Management Approach (iPMA) is our proven roadmap / success playbook. The IPMA covers quality assurance, staffing, configuration management, risk management, budget, human capital, task orders, communications, training, security, project monitoring—you name it—and ensures that we deliver what we promise.



We use data, analytics, workflows, and AI/ML to drive intelligent operations for successful, mission-critical outcomes.

  • Investigative Services

    We securely process millions of background investigation cases each year. Our proven approach—powered by technical innovation—maximizes operational performance for timely risk- and error-free agency and citizen services.

  • Case Management

    We improve operations at every touchpoint: initiation, subject information gathering, scheduling, file management, fieldwork, review, and adjudication.

  • Continuous Evaluation

    We have the domain experience, processes, and technologies to ensure the continuous integrity of a cleared workforce and to protect National Security and public trust.

  • Process Automation

    We deliver scalable workflow platforms to automate and sequence business process and exponentially accelerate productivity.

  • Security

    We ensure the security of PII, classified, and other sensitive information as the first line of defense against human intent and insider threat.


We’re looking for talented, motivated, and cleared/clearable talent to join our Business Operations teams supporting our National Security customers in the DoD and IC communities.